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Pickit is the fastest way to make professional-looking presentations that make an impact. The add-in works seamlessly with PowerPoint Designer, so whether your goal is to inspire, inform or persuade, Pickit makes it easy to create stunning slides in seconds using suggested layouts and design ideas.

The service puts all the images you need in one place. Not only do you get easy access to your company’s visuals, but you also get unlimited access to the Pickit image library; full of photos, icons and clipart images, handpicked for PowerPoint. All images are 100% Legally Cleared™ and compliant, making Pickit the safe and worry-free choice for businesses and people at work.

See 1min intro video explained by our Founder.


  • Access company images right inside your presentations
  • Expand your library with images handpicked for PowerPoint
  • Source new visuals using Editor’s Choice collections
  • Get presentation tips, slide designs, and layout suggestions
  • Unlimited storage for your company’s visual assets
  • A tool for requesting custom images from Pickit photographers
  • Insert any photo, icon or illustration in the right size with just a click


  • Compliance - Makes companies compliant with Legally Cleared™ content
  • Brand Control – Provides employees with company-approved brand assets
  • Productivity – Helps employees find images faster and save time
impactful presentations in minutes
create presentations in minutes
Pickit images readily available
create stunning slides in seconds
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