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NetConnect enables secure and simple connectivity into business networks, transforming any live environment into a mobile office. It is the Next Generation Secure Remote Access Solution with which users can easily access their work environment using their device of choice via a HTML5 enabled web browser or a secure mobile app.

NetConnect serves as a building block for businesses to safely and easily enable new ways of working for their workplace: BYOD, remote working, mobile office, and even an office without any desktop or laptop computers are just some of the applications of NetConnect. NetConnect fully integrates with end-user devices to provide the best possible experience on PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, iOS and Android devices, without impacting the end-user device or affecting data security. Replacing legacy and troublesome systems like VPN or breach-prone cloud-based data hosting solutions, NetConnect enables companies to embrace new ways of working in their own terms.

NetConnect does not require any data or application migration. It takes the form of a gateway (physical or virtual), installed within the existing corporate environment, acting as an air gap between the end-user device and the network. This gateway secures and transforms all corporate IT resources into a secure mobile environment. NetConnect is self-hosted, providing customers full control on the location and movement of their data. No data is ever stored on the end-user device and the user experience follows the user across all platforms, allowing users to switch devices at any time and be confident they are not losing any data and remain productive.

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