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Product by Nominet

NDaaS simply and effectively identifies, detects, and responds to threats to your network without requiring any additional hardware, software, or people. The CyGlass Cloud using AI to continuously analyze the billions of conversations happening on your network, learn what is normal, and alert when suspicious behaviors that risk the security of your critical IT assets are detected.

Threat Detection
The CyGlass cloud continuously analyzes billions of conversations happening on a company’s network, learns what is normal, and responds when suspicious behaviors that risk the security of your critical IT assets or your organization’s reputation are detected.
CyGlass provides a unique perspective on the security threats on a network. CyGlass delivers actionable intelligence in the form of a Network CyberScore. The Network CyberScore can be calculated for any node, subnet, zone or partner on your network. The Network CyberScore provides visibility into the security events affecting your network, and clear actions on how to address them.
Client Value
  • Discover, identify and label your network assets
  • Detect and score anomalies
  • Alert on and block violations
Client Benefit
  • Easy to install: up and running in minutes
  • Delivers actionable intelligence in the form of a network CyberScore
  • AI to learn your network identifies assets based upon their network behaviour, and establishes baselines for your network and users
Client Outcome
  • Network visibility – understand important things on your network and prioritizing keeping them safe
  • Policy assurance
  • Threat detection & response
Customer’s Business Needs
  • Lower cost, fewer alerts than a SIEM-improved efficiency
  • Remote/distributed workforce – VPN monitoring
  • Protection of critical assets – crown jewels
  • Advanced threat detection & response – ransomware, hackers, malicious insiders
  • Cloud-based service only (AWS)
  • Up and running in 30 minutes or less
  • Annual subscription, licensed by the number of users protected
  • Upsell: Use the Executive Summary Report to show areas of vulnerability and offer services to remediate
  • Support costs are included in the subscription.
  • CyGlass partners take the first call and if escalation is required, CyGlass provides 2nd & 3rd level support.
Why customers choose CyGlass over these competitors
  • Cost effective
  • Less noisy (alert fatigue)
  • Requires less administration
  • No hardware or software required: easy to deploy
  • No PII involved
  • Addresses many compliance requirements
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